Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dr. No (1962)

We’re talking 1962's Dr. No! We get into the plot, talk about whether this is a good introduction to the world of James Bond, what we thought of the actors, music, favorite quotes, trivia, and more!
Sean Connery as James Bond
Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder
Joseph Wiseman as Dr. Julius No
John Kitzmiller as Quarrel
Jack Lord as Felix Leiter
Directed by Terence Young

007 must investigate the mysterious deaths of the Jamaican MI6 Station Chief and his assistant Mary Trueblood which leads him to uncover a sinister plot to sabotage an American space shuttle launch by the nefarious SPECTRE ne' er-do-well Dr. Julius No!

Breaking Bond #03 -  Dr. No (1962) Listen to "Dr. No (1962)" on Spreaker.

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